Metal Roof Replacement

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Things to Consider Before a Metal Roof Replacement

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Your roof replacement is a significant expenditure that calls for careful planning, budgeting, and thought. It’s critical to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of this distinctive roofing material before making a decision to replace your current roof with metal.

Compare Roof Replacement Costs

When compared to other common roofing materials like asphalt, wood, foam, or rubber, metal roofing materials can cost up to three times as much. Metal roofing materials might cost anything between $7 and $9 per square foot. Foam, as an illustration, can be purchased for as little as $1.65 to $2.50 per square foot. For homeowners, installing a metal roof is an expensive investment.

You can easily see a pricing comparison if you estimate your roof is 2,500 square feet in size.

  • At $8 per square foot, metal roofing supplies would cost about $20,000*.
  • At $2 per square foot, foam roofing supplies would cost about $5,000.
  • At $3.50 per square foot, clay tile roofing supplies would cost about $8,750.

*Labor and installation are not included at this pricing.

Select a Roof With a Long Lifespan

While a metal roof will last for many decades, there are other roofing options that are equally durable. Tiles made of concrete or cement will last 50 years or longer. Copper has a very long lifespan. Clay tiles are fairly affordable and have a lifespan of 100 years.

Slate roofs are extremely pricey and are frequently referred to as “lifetime” roofs. Slate tile increases a home’s market value and has a life expectancy of more than 150 years.

Consider Weather and Noise

Although aluminum roofs help prevent snow and rain from accumulating, bad weather can still happen. Noisy external elements (such wind, rain, and branches) might be heard inside a house if there isn’t enough attic space or the right substrate. Another heavy thing that might dent a metal roof is large branches or hail. The possibility of moisture accumulation, which might result in rust and leaks, exists on a storm-dented roof. Replacing a metal panel is more expensive than replacing another type of roofing material because of the cost of supplies.

Consider using a less expensive, quieter roofing material if you are sensitive to noise. Rubber shingles won’t decay, break, grow mold, or turn discolored. Even though rubber is substantially less expensive (as little as $3 per square foot), it is also resistant to denting and moisture absorption.

When Should You Should Replace Your Metal Roof

Do I need to replace my metal roof? From time to time, we all look up at the roof and wonder that very same thing.

In actuality, you shouldn’t replace your metal roof until the moment is appropriate. But how can you tell whether it’s the proper moment?

The key to replacing your metal roof is to be aware of the warning indicators. By the time this article is over, you will be fully aware of these indicators.

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What are the two types of metal roof systems?

You need to understand the distinctions between the two metal roof types before we discuss the indications that it’s time to replace your standing seam metal roof.

A standing seam metal roof system consists of several panels that are mechanically or mechanically-locked together at the joints. As the metal heats up, this enables panels to expand and compress easily.

A metal roof with exposed fasteners that is screwed down is exactly what it is termed; the bolts are visible. Screws and washers are used to secure the panels, and they are inserted through the metal’s surface. The metal cannot naturally expand and contract when it is screwed down in this manner.

Professional roofers usually do not advise using a screw down panel roof system over any heated living or working space due to the lack of expansion potential.

Signs You Should Replace a Metal Roof

So, when should you replace your metal roof? Continue reading to learn how damage to the painted finish, storm damage to the metal panels, and more are signs that it’s time to replace your metal roof.

Be aware, some of these signs are based on what kind of metal roof you want.

Standing Seam Roofs that Are Nearing End of Paint Warranty

Standing seam metal panels are painted with a finish called Kynar 500 using a patented method that is used by all of the main steel panel producers. Your metal panels are shielded from the elements by this painted finish, which also prevents the color of your choice from fading.

A 30-year paint warranty is included with your standing seam metal roof for the Kynar 500 finish. You should start setting aside money for a standing seam metal roof replacement as the paint warranty expires.

Even though the paint warranty has expired, the finish is still intact. You should start thinking about replacing your standing seam metal roof when you see a lot of rust or when the color on your metal panels is severely fading.

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Damage to the Standing Seam Metal Roof

In addition to protecting your metal panels from the environment, the Kynar 500 painted finish also prevents the color of your choice from fading. The life expectancy of your standing seam metal roof will be shortened by anything that dings, dents, or scratches the painted finish.

This can be due to falling branches, nails, or severe hail damage. Other tradespeople might have walked on your roof, or painters might have spilled paint or used chemicals to remove it off the panels.

Whatever the cause, you should replace your standing seam metal roof as soon as possible if the Kynar 500 coating on your metal panels is compromised.

Screw Down Roof Panel Fasteners Have Wallowed Out

Keep in mind that the fasteners on a screw-down metal roof are visible through the tops of the panels. These fasteners wallow out until they are too huge for the screws holding the metal panels down since they don’t expand or contract.

If you act promptly, you can extend the lifespan of your screw-down metal roof by installing larger size screws and sealant. On the other hand, leaks will start appearing if you don’t find these wallowed fasteners. They will also be vulnerable to the panels being lifted up by the wind if it gets underneath the panels.

You will have to start replacing the screw down panels if you put off taking care of your wallowed out fasteners. I advise you to go ahead and replace the complete roof, even if you’re only replacing one panel.

Did you realize that during your annual maintenance inspection, your neighborhood roofing contractor checks your fasteners for wallowing?

Storm damage to Metal Panels

metal roof panels with abrasions from wind blown debris Highland Home Services

Even though it might seem quite clear, anything that compromises the integrity of your metal panels will lead a roof replacement. Strong storms, hail, and wind are common causes of this that are considered to be acts of God.

For instance, your standing seam metal roof could sustain severe damage from a tree branch or perhaps a whole tree falling on it, resulting in damage to the metal panels, sheathing, underlayment, flashing, and trim. Prior to developing an expensive leak, you should have your roof rebuilt if these limbs leave significant dents and scratches on the metal panels. If this happens, it’s generally a good idea to repair your gutters, soffit, fascia, and downspouts as well.

Be aware that if your metal roof sustains storm damage, your insurance may cover a replacement. How do you find out if your metal roof is protected, though? Examine your homeowner’s insurance. Your contractor can assist you in dealing with your insurance provider to replace a metal roof that has been damaged by a storm.

Replace a Few Shingles or Panels

screw down metal roof panels being removed and replaced Highland Home Services

If your metal roof is made of small panels or is covered with shingles, you can restore it by merely replacing the broken panels and shingles. This is significantly less expensive than replacing a metal roof. 

Consider repairing only the troublesome parts if there is a lot of corrosion, water damage, poor fasteners, or thin roof coating on a few shingles. Be sure to check for additional damage with your roofing specialist when you replace a few shingles or panels. 

Restore these areas as soon as possible because leaks and rust can seriously harm the building and roof, necessitating a complete replacement of the metal roof.

Consult a competent inspector to examine your metal roof before beginning any restoration work. Metal roofs that only seem to have a few problematic locations could actually be disguising a more serious problem. 

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A Loose and Dented Roof

A metal roof is susceptible to gaps, warping, and loosening due to extreme weather, poor installation, animals, and insects. Rust and leaks might develop as a result of misshaped metal roof panels. In some situations, the roof and walls of your structure will become home to unwelcome creatures. 

High winds are common in some parts of the country. Contact your local roofing expert to begin a metal roof replacement if you have endured a severe storm or have a tree sticking through your roof. 

Insects, rats, and birds enjoy making their nests in roofs and walls. These unwelcome visitors not only compromise the integrity of your metal roof, but they may also be harmful and hazardous, and they will continue to harm your structure and business more than benefit it. 
Ask a roofing expert to examine your metal roof and advise you to determine whether a metal roof replacement is right for you.